Quiet Week :) … I mean Taper

Not much to report this week as it has officially been my taper!

Feels weird not doing any running since Sunday, but its been a nice rest for certain parts of my body!

Still got a little annoying issue with my right shin, it really is nothing major but even after 5, nearly 6 days of not running I can still feel a soreness there! :/ I also know that my legs in general are grateful for the break! 

Only real news is the development of ANOTHER cold! It was only last week that I finished a course of antibiotics for a stubborn chest infection, but since tuesday I have had a really dodgy throat and cough! Its led to several of the most uncomfortable coughing fits, that have left my eyes watering and with that nagging head/neck ache you get from persistant coughing! Yesterday saw the onset of more typical head cold symptoms, blocked nose and sneezing etc! :/ Not happy!

I have been dosing myself up and hoping to hell that it goes away. I have one full day to really attack it with remedies and im hoping for the best! 

So the day is nearly here. Just a bit of preparation tomorrow, a few hours at work and then a nice sleep before the big day begins.

Got to get myself a nice bowl of pasta for dinner tomorrow! :)

As for goal times, anything below 2:15 will be fantastic, but ill have to see how I feel on the day! 

Cross your fingers for me! 



  1. happyhealthyheidi said: You’ll do great, I just know it!
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